When The Contact Lens Needs To Be Removed

Each contact lens has a specific lifespan. Even if we keep the contact lenses well, contact lenses should be replaced on time.

Contact lens problems can cause serious eye injuries. It is very important to follow the instructions of an eye care specialist. Eye problems including corneal ulcers, can spread quickly and in turn cause permanent vision loss.

Daily disposables users must dispose of used contact lenses after a day of wear. Wearing daily disposables has less risk of infection because you always wear new contact lenses.

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Weekly disposables should be discarded and replaced with new ones every two weeks. This type of contact lens can be worn for two weeks without having to change a new one. It is the same with monthly disposable. Contact lenses can be worn for a month without having to change a new contact lens.

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Conventional lenses are used because of cost savings. These contact lenses can be worn from six months to a year. Upon expiration of this period contact lenses are discarded and replaced with new ones. The care of these contact lenses is more meticulous to ensure the cleanliness of the contact lenses.

If when you wear contact lenses something goes wrong with your eyes you should not wear them. Please be alert with your eye health so that your eye condition does not worsen.

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