Tips For Bride How To Choose Contact Lenses

Nowadays, for those who are short -sighted or want something extraordinary the bride and groom do not want to wear spectacles. The bride and groom want to look more beautiful on their happy day.

The diameter of the eye is important to determine the appropriate diameter of contact lenses. Each person has a different diameter size. People have small and squinty eyes and large and round eyes. For small eyes and squinty suitable diameter 14mm-15mm while for large and round eyes suitable diameter 15mm-16mm.

For an engagement ceremony use contact lenses that are softer and sweeter in color that are not too bright. Suitable colors are soft brown and soft gray. The soft color of contact lenses makes the bride look more beautiful and polite.

For the wedding ceremony the bride can choose brighter color contact lenses. Usually for the wedding ceremony the bride will make up a bit thick. so the use of brighter contact lenses can highlight the bride's face.

Lastly, the bride should choose comfortable and quality contact lenses. Choosing poor quality contact lenses can affect eye health. Brides are advised to wear contact lenses before the wedding day.

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