Are Prescription Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses the Same?

contact lens

For athletes, contacts are a cost-effective and convenient option, while eyeglasses are a trendy and useful one. Although both contacts and glasses can help you control myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatisms, did you notice that your prescriptions for each are different?


Prescriptions for contact lenses and eyeglasses are not the same because eyeglass lenses are around 12 millimetres from your eyes, and contact lenses lie directly on top of your eyes, they are different. If you wish to wear contact lenses and glasses at the same time, you'll need two prescriptions.


Contact lenses must be custom-made to fit your eyes perfectly, and contact lens prescriptions include extra details that glasses prescriptions do not. When you wear contact lenses, you need to know the details such as the base curve (the shape of your cornea determines base curve measurement, which relates to the curve at the back of the contact lens.), the diameter of the lens (overall size of the contact lens), and also the brands (breathability differs each contact lens brand, which is particularly significant for those who want to wear contact lenses for a long time or forget to take them out before falling asleep).


Your optometrist will most likely use the same prescription for your eyeglasses that he or she does for contact lenses. Your prescription may alter somewhat, but generally, despite the corrective eyewear you choose, your prescription will remain the same.  We recommend consulting your eye doctor for a proper eye check once a year. This will keep your prescription current, allowing you to have the greatest vision possible. Your optometrist can also examine your eyes for any changes in vision during an eye check-up.

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