Rules of wearing daily contact lens

If you wear daily contacts, you may know the basics of how to care for them. But do you know what you should never do with your daily contacts? Despite the many advantages associated with wearing daily disposables, there are plenty of ways you can damage your eyes and vision. some you may never have considered.

Never touch your contact lens with dirty hands

When you touch your contacts with dirty hands, you transfer bacteria to your lenses. It can lead to an infection. Washing your hands before doing anything with your contacts will prevent bacterial infection.


Don't reuse old cleaning solution

You must disinfect your contacts in a fresh solution before replacing them. But you should never reuse the solution from the initial application of your contacts. That old solution has given any bacteria enough time to grow and multiply. If the bacteria gets on your contacts and then into your eyes, you could get a serious infection.


Don't sleep with your lenses

Daily lenses should never be worn overnight. You’re risking your sight by sleeping in a lens that’s not approved for overnight use, as it can lead to ocular irritation, swelling and corneal ulcers.


Don't put contact lens in your mouth

Sometimes it may be tempting to use your mouth to re-wet a pair of daily contacts. But, your mouth contains tons of bacteria, so this is never safe. You can get an infection in your eye from using lenses that have been in your mouth. You should always use your prescribed eye drops to moisturize your contacts.

We have explored the list of things that you should never do with your daily contacts. The good thing is that if you ever make a mistake, then you can discard the affected lens. Daily contacts are a convenient alternative that also saves you money. Do visit our website to purchase an authentic lenses and can be trusted at


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