Nap or sleep with contact lens

It is a well-known fact that it is important to remove contact lenses before going to bed in order to lower the probability of eye infections. If you accidentally take a nap or fall asleep with your lenses on, your contact lenses may feel a bit more dry and difficult to remove than usual. Opening your eyes initially, you may feel a slight soreness and feel a crusty build up around the eye, particularly along the lashes and the inner corners of your eyes.

Many contact lens wearers are guilty of taking a nap in their contact lenses but unfortunately this can still irritate and damage your eyes. Even taking a nap in daily contact lenses is a bad idea, despite being able to throw them away at the end of the day.

Falling asleep with your contact lenses on can therefore increase the risk of complications such as developing a corneal ulcer which can be very painful. Despite being a very rare and often a treatable condition, it often causes scarring which may have long term effects on your vision.

The state that your eyes are in right before falling asleep also matters because otherwise, you are at risk of contracting conjunctivitis but don't afraid to wear contact lens. We offers contact lens that can wear through days and night. Visit our website at for more info.

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