Blind from looking at your digital device in the dark. Myth or Fact?

Playing phone while in the dark is a common things that people do. Before sleep, people intend to play with their phone until they dozed off. The question is, if it safe playing with your phone in the dark? Can this habit makes you go blind?

If you intend to play your phone in the dark for long hours and do it daily, these usually lead to one thing: burning, itchy, tired eyes and fear that all this eye soreness will eventually turn you blind.

This is not only focus on phone but all of your digital devices such as TV an so on. Staring for too long on digital device may lead your eyes to feel soreness. The soreness you may feel after viewing a screen is a condition called digital eye strain. Symptoms include dry and irritated eyes, blurry vision, watery eyes, and headache.

Digital eye strain has less to do with the total time you are viewing a screen and more to do with the uninterrupted duration of your viewing the amount of time you spend staring at a screen without blinking. In general, we blink 15 times a minute. However, our blink rate lowers to less than 7 times a minute when looking at a screen. Less blinking leads to drier eyes, which bring on the symptoms of dry eye, such as redness and burning.

Given the abundance of devices we use for work, education, entertainment and communication, it can be a challenge to limit screen time for many of us. Yet if we are aware of the downsides of excessive use, we can develop healthy screen time habits. For contact lens that suitable for dry eyes do visit our website at

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