Why Contact Lenses Have Expiry Date

Eyes are the most sensitive body part. We need to take care of it as much as we can. It is not over even if you wear glasses or contact lenses. There is a lot more to be taken care of. Some might  not know contact lenses have expiry dates. Some might be wondering why they have it.

One of the reasons is that contact lenses are medical devices. Hence it is needed for them to be sterilized and packaged in a sealed container. Since there is contact between the eyes, it is important to ensure it is clean for eyes.

If you are still wearing expired contact lenses, it will lead to greater problems. Your risk of getting eye infections or any other complication is increasing unexpectedly. We are here to solve vision problems, not adding more problems. It is advised for individuals to take this matter seriously. Just as packaged foods display an expiration date, contact lenses are not excluded too. It is one of the consumer protection measures.

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