Get To Know Your Eyes Better

We are given a pair of eyes,  but we don't use the chance to know them better.

The first layer of eyes is called the cornea. It provides additional protection from dust. Not only that, it allows the eyes to focus the light effectively. 

Next we have the sclera which is called the “white” of the eyes. It helps the tendons to become more flexible and hold the lens. 

To move on, the pupil appears as black dot which allows light rays to enter the eye to focus the objects in front of it. 

Do you know your iris gives out the colour of your eyes? It contains a pigment which gives out colour. Not only that it surrounds the pupil as it works to control the size of the pupil. 

Here's a few parts of your eyes you should know. There are more to explore. What are you waiting for, hurry up and search for it. 

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