Why It's Not A Good Idea to Share Contact Lenses

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Sharing is a form of caring. That's what your parents said when they insisted on you sharing your candy with your buddies. You were probably enraged, but your parents were doing responsibly. They were instilling a crucial life lesson in you.

That lesson gradually become ingrained. You never thought twice about borrowing your clothes to your sister as you grew older. You handed over your hairbrush to your best buddy. However, there are times when sharing should be avoided, such as when it is harmful to your health.

It's not a good idea to share contact lenses with others. Never share your contacts with anyone, not even your sister, best friend or most loved person in the world! You can harm the health of your eye and damage your vision. The following are the top five reasons why you should never share your colored or uncolored contact lenses.

1) Bacteria Infections.

Bacteria can be found in almost any environment. The majority of bacteria are harmless or even beneficial to one's health. Infections can occur when harmful bacteria,, fungi or viruses infect the body. Our eyes are one of our most vital organs since they provide us with sight. They are, nevertheless, very susceptible to infections. The cornea is the only thing that protects the eye's internal systems. 

2) Distinctive Care Routine

Although your care regimen may be identical to that of your best friend, there are some distinctions. The greatest approach to keep your eyes safe is to keep them clean. Before putting or removing your contacts, carefully wash and dry your hands. You should inspect your contacts for any damage before each insertion. After removing your contacts, carefully wash them with the solution. Every day, you should wash and air-dry your contacts case. It's also crucial that the lens solution in your contacts case be brand new. Yes, this implies replacing it on a daily basis to avoid bacteria.

3) There is no such thing as a One Size Fits All Contact Lenses

The color of your eyes and the shape of your pupils can both be altered using costume lenses. These lenses are available with or without vision correction, and the impact can be subtle or spectacular. The specific measurement of your eyes are included in a contact lens prescription. Buying contact lenses without a prescription is extremely risky. Corneal ulcers are more likely in people who exchange contact lenses or who wear ill-fitting costume lenses. You have been issued a formal warning!

4) Issues with Prescriptions

Discomfort and blurred vision might be caused by ill-fitting lenses or the incorrect prescription. Even if you simply wear the contact lenses for a few hours, you may experience eye strain and headaches. Please don't think of getting contacts with your glasses prescription. It's a terrible concept! Contact lenses are worn on the eyes, while glasses are worn roughly an inch away. These two sorts of prescriptions are extremely different because to the variation in distance from your eyes. Consultation with your optometrist is the only way to know if your contacts are right for you. Book your appointment with Malaya Optical Optometrists for more information regarding your eyes prescription and teach you the right things of proper contact lens care.

Swapping cosmetic contact lenses can imply exchanging germs and bacteria when it comes to unhealthy sharing practices. Everyone's tears include natural germs, which may be beneficial to your eyes but harmful to someone else's. It is not a good idea to transfer these bacteria to other's eyes because it might cause serious eye infections.






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