Why Is It Dangerous to Share Your Contact Lenses with Others?

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Sharing contact lenses is a fine line to walk. Never share your contact lenses with anybody, not even your sister, closest friend, or most loved person on the world! You can harm your eyes' health and damage your vision. Do you really want to take that chance?

Bacteria may be found everywhere. Most germs are harmless or even beneficial to one's health. However, when dangerous bacteria, fungi, or viruses enter the body, they can cause diseases, since our eyes provide us with sight and are one of our most vital organs. They are nevertheless very prone to infections. The cornea is the sole thing that protects the interior processes of the eye. Wearing someone else's contact lenses significantly increases the risk of bacterial infections. 


Contact lenses are custom-made for each individual's eye shape and size. Contact lenses that do not fit properly will not sit correctly on your cornea and may scratch and harm your eyes. Your eyes will suffer from a lack of oxygen as well as other significant issues.


Improperly fitted lenses or the incorrect prescription might result in discomfort and vision impairment. Even if you simply use the contact lenses for a few hours, you may feel eye strain and headaches. Please do not consider using your glasses prescription to purchase contacts lenses because contact lenses are worn on your eyes, whereas glasses are worn approximately an inch away from them. Because of the difference in distance from your eyes, these two types of prescriptions are extremely different.

Consultation with your optometrist is the only method to ensure that your contacts are appropriate for you. Buying inexpensive lenses online or borrowing a pair from a friend may save you some money.

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