Laser Eye Surgery vs Contact Lenses

Some might be contemplating between lasers or contact lenses. What is laser eye surgery? It is one of ways to correct your eye vision by reshaping the cornea. Both have pros and cons.

Laser eye surgery is a long-term solution. It will help correct your eye vision permanently for a certain period of time. However, vision problems may occur after quite some time. Other than that, by undergoing this surgery it will increase freedom. What kind of freedom is it? Luckily, you will be able to travel, go out without bringing glasses or contact lenses. It is quite troublesome to bring necessities if you wear glasses or contact lenses. Not only that, you enjoy doing outdoor activities such as swimming, bungee-jumping or scuba-diving. Lastly, less risk of infection as less foreign things enter our eyes.

Of course we wouldn't forget about our contact lenses too ! contact lenses also have its benefits. Although it does not have the same perks as what laser eye surgery offered, it will definitely help in a few areas. As for those who are scared to do laser eye surgery can use contact lenses as another option. It is also another alternative if you are not comfortable wearing glasses. Furthermore, it provides a better field of view than glasses. As glasses limit your vision. It also gives freedom to you not as laser eye surgery.

It all depends on your references and condition. If you have trouble choosing, you may consult your doctors.

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