What is RX Toric ?

A prescription for contact lenses is not the same as a prescription for eyeglasses. In addition to the lens power, your contact lens prescription comprises a number of important details about the lens's size. Even the lens power isn't always the same as it is in your eyeglass prescription. Because the contact lens lies on the surface of your eye, and your eyeglasses are roughly 10-12 mm in front of your eyes, this is the case.

Regular soft contacts will not correct your astigmatism, but your eye doctor can usually partially correct it by altering the lens' power. There will be an expiration date on your prescription. This is usually one to two years after the contact lenses were first put.

The values of the Base Curve vary from 8.0 to 10.0. The doctor will fit the lens to your eye with the curve that is best for you. Most lenses are available in a variety of Base Curve values. If you don't see a Base Curve value in your prescription, it's because your lens only comes in one base curve.

Base Curve values are similar to clothing sizes in that being a Base Curve 8.6 in one brand does not guarantee that you will be the same in another.It is possible to have a standard prescription for one eye and a toric or bifocal prescription for the other, though this is uncommon.Not only will you have different specifications for each eye, but you'll also have a separate brand or type of lens.

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