How can I get free contact lens?

You been eyeing for certain contact lens but never tried it. You afraid that you will feel uncomfortable. There are ways to get free contact lenses, although it may take a little extra work.

It is important to balance the cost savings with the amount of time and energy it will take to track down free lenses. Don’t worry! Here are a few tips for you to get free trial when purchasing your lens!

Get a sample from Optical Shop

When you go check your eyes from the optometrist and feel like you want to wear contact lens, You can request a free trial before purchasing the actual box. You can wear the trial first to make sure that if it fits your eyes or not.

Contact with the Manufacturer

It never hurts to send an email to a specific manufacturer asking for a trial pair of contact lenses. Even if you can not find a promotion online you can always try contacting the manufacturer. You never know they may send you a few free pairs to test out. Remember, however, that contact lenses are considered medical devices and must be prescribed by a licensed physician. The manufacturer will need your prescription to do this.

With so many generous brands out there offering complimentary contacts, you won’t have to spend money on your next pair but don’t abuse it. Request it when you totally want to know if it fits you or not.

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