Useful Tips for Everyone Who Wears Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses are worn by millions of people as an easy way to correct their vision. However, one thing that almost all contact lens wearers must be aware of is contact lens care.

While wearing contact lenses is generally safe, not properly caring for them or failure to follow contact lens safety guidelines might result in severe concerns. According to Dr. Steinemann, contact lenses can be a source of infection. “Germs are on our hands, eyelashes, and everywhere else, no matter how careful we are. Germs such as bacteria and fungus can infect the eye once they're on the contact lens.” 

Constantly wash your hands before inserting or removing your contact lenses. Do not use soaps that are greasy or have a strong aroma. Always dry your hands before touch the contact lens to avoid bacteria (found in tap water) on the wet hands.  


Sleeping with contact lenses certainly the most popular and unsafe habit among teenagers and adult contact lens users. Wearing contact lenses while sleeping raises the risk of an eye infection by 6–8 times. Every year, 18–20 persons out of every 10,000 who sleep in their contact lenses overnight suffer microbial keratitis. Taking out your contacts can feel like a burden when you're exhausted. However, sleeping with them limits oxygen supply to the eye and risks you to an eye infection.


Contact lens wearers claim that they don't replace their lens cases regularly. Even when thoroughly cleaned the cases, can get contaminated with bacteria, causing illnesses when they come into contact with your eyes. You must keep everything related to your lenses as clean as possible if you do not want to suffer from an eye infection. Therefore, before touching your contact lens case, you must wash your hands with water and soap. You also need to wash the case after every use by using the recommended contact lens solution. Then, the case needs to be wiped using tissue and let air dry.

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