Monthly vs. Daily Contact Lenses

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You must not spare on either cost or quality when it comes to eye care and vision treatment, because vision is a critical feature in our everyday lives. As a result, you would want to keep your eyesight as well as possible. This is accomplished by getting frequent eye care exams to determine the status of your eyesight and the suggested course of action to further enhance your visual health. If you're having difficulty seeing clearly, one of the simplest methods to improve your vision is to use contact lenses. In addition, there are many more kinds of high-quality, comfortable lenses available nowadays.

If you've been using contact lenses for a long or are trying them out for the first time, you're probably aware that there are 2 types of contact lenses: daily lenses and monthly lenses.

Monthly Contact Lenses

Monthly contact lenses can be worn everyday for around 30 days before you need to replace them. Monthly are intended to be worn throughout the day and then removed at night and kept in contact solution while sleeping. It is because monthly contact lenses are designed to last for long time and they may feel thicker in your eyes than daily contact lenses.

Monthly lenses actually contribute less to environmental pollution, because they only need to be replaced once a month. That's only 12 lenses every year, but it makes a big effect if a lot of people use them.

They're generally safe to sleep with since the contact lenses let oxygen to pass through your eyes overnight, but still don't recommend it for safety reasons.

Daily Contact Lenses

For individuals who find it difficult to keep up with contact lens care, daily lenses are a nice solution. Daily contact lenses are also a good option for those with dry eyes or allergies.

Daily lenses or disposable lenses are typically comprised of hydrogel material and are intended to be worn for waking hours before being discarded. As a result, the majority of daily wear contact lens manufacturers have decreased oxygen transfer. That is why it is critical to never sleep with contact lenses, since they can easily lead to the eye problem.

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