Side Effects of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have the potential to improve your life. Some people prefer the natural, unencumbered look of being glasses-free, while others need to get rid of their spectacles so they can participate in sports or be more active. However, if you do not wear contact lenses properly, you may have various adverse effects that may eventually damage your vision.

Dry Eyes

Even though contact lenses absorb most of our tears to maintain themselves soft, they limit the amount of tears that reach the cornea. When contact lenses interfere with your eyes' normal moisture and cleansing, the consequences might last for years. As your eyes battle to keep debris out and oxygen in, dry eyes might develop. If the eyes get excessively dry, scarring of the cornea can occur, which can be quite painful.


Smoke, pollen, dust, pollution, and cosmetics may easily irritate contact lenses. Their accumulation can produce red, itchy, or burning eyes, as well as conjunctivitis. Furthermore, because less oxygen enters the cornea when you wear lenses, your body is less able to fight infections caused by germs or viruses as efficiently as it should be. Irritation is the most common cause of redness!

Your Eyes May Not Receive Enough Oxygen

The amount of oxygen reaching your eyes will be reduced since contact lenses rest directly on the eye and cover the whole cornea. To keep the eyes healthy, they require a constant flow of oxygen. Soft or silicone hydrogel lenses, as opposed to traditional soft contact lenses, transfer more oxygen. In the long term, they will be healthier for your eyes. Contact lenses should not be used for lengthy periods of time.

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