Protect Students Eye, Protect Our Future Generation

With this current pandemic, we have to adapt to many changes, especially our lifestyle. No matter what age you are, everyone is involved in these changes. Students nowadays have difficulty attending school as usual. There's no more physical classes, it is all online.

Students are needed to learn using their phones, laptops or Ipad. Hence, there is a high chance for them to be exposed to UV lights from the electronic devices. As it will cause harm to their health, especially their eyes.


A specialist once said, students are advised to get better protection for their eyes before it gets worse. Therefore, to solve this problem students are encouraged to get their own contact lenses even if it has no specific power. As this can help to prevent eye cataract, short sightedness and many more.

It is rational for students to get early exposure to this. We cannot predict when this current situation will end. Thus, early precaution must be applied if the online classes still be carried out.

Talk to your eye doctor if you think you need contact lenses or other vision problems. Book your appointment with us today!

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