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Saline solutions is for flushing and putting away contact lens, when you're utilizing a warmth or UV sterilization framework. You additionally may require it for use with enzymatic cleaning tablets or cleaning/sanitizing gadgets. Never utilize saline items for cleaning and sterilization.

                            Example of Saline Solutions


Daily cleaner is for cleaning your contact lens. You place a couple of drops in the palm of your hand and cautiously rub the lens however long coordinated, ordinarily around 20 seconds, trying to clean the two sides. Utilize different items for washing and sterilization.

Example of Daily Cleaner


Multipurpose solutions is for cleaning, washing, sanitizing and putting away your contact lens. Clean your lens as you would with every day cleaner, at that point flush (insofar as coordinated) and sanitize, all with a similar arrangement; or wash the lens twice, at that point place them in the perfect lens case with answer for clean and clean. At the point when you are prepared to wear the lens, wash them once more. With multipurpose arrangements, no other lens care items are fundamental.

                           Example of Multipurpose Solutions


Hydrogen peroxide solution is for cleaning, sanitizing, flushing and putting away your contact lens. With this item, you place your lens in the gave bushel and wash them, at that point place the container in its cup and fill the cup with answer for clean and sanitize your lenses.

Some lens holders for hydrogen peroxide frameworks have an underlying neutralizer (to change over the hydrogen peroxide to water, so it doesn't sting your eyes), however with others you need to add a killing tablet.

After the sterilization and killing advance is finished, you can eliminate the lenses from the case and put them on.

Never flush your contacts with hydrogen peroxide arrangement and apply them straightforwardly to your eyes without finishing the whole cleaning and killing advance. Doing so can make an agonizing substance injury the eye.

Brands of hydrogen peroxide care frameworks for delicate contact lens incorporate Clear Care (Alcon) and PeroxiClear (Bausch + Lomb).

Cleaning/sanitizing gadgets will, as you would anticipate, both clean and sanitize your contact lens. Contingent upon how the brand is planned, cleaning is cultivated with either ultrasonic waves or subsonic tumult, though sanitization happens through multipurpose arrangement or bright light.

The guidelines for the gadgets are each of the somewhat unique. As a rule, you first flush the lenses, utilizing either saline or multipurpose arrangement as coordinated. One brand requires scouring with the saline, however most are no-rub.

At that point, put your contact lens in the gadget and fill it with a similar sort of arrangement concerning the flush. Spot the cover on the gadget and plug it in to clean and sanitize your lenses.


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