How proofreading can affect your eyesight

No one sets out to make mistakes for grammar errors and spelling mistakes when we type, so that's why we need to double-check your work and typing error. We'll discuss more about the importance of proofreading but also highlights how proofreading can affect your vision as well.

Why proofreading is important?

Yes, basically proofreading will be the most important thing whenever you're writing an email, essays or article or any other sort of content. It is to ensures that your work is polished and do not have any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or other misplaced words. 

Here is some tips for proofreading;

1. You should wearing the correct eyewear - if you're longsighted, make sure that you're wearing corrective eyewear when do proof checking; whether it is contact lenses or eye glasses.

2. You should change the font and size of your text - it means when you're reading from a screen, playing around with the font and size that can lead to intentional blindness which mean it can cause to fail to spot mistakes.

3. You may print it out - basically, words can look different on paper compared to a screen; that's why printing your work out can give you a fresh perspective when do proofreading; it will directly help you to spot some errors more easily. 

4. You should take a look of your eyes - as we know, our eyes are the greatest assets when proofreading, so you need to do regular eye tests for ensure you have healthy vision while do proofreading.

Proofreading is one of the most important and beneficial ways to ensure that what we are writing will not lead to any misunderstanding or unprofessional. Hence, still, we are all human and nobody's perfect, but proofreading is the very last step in the writing process; it doesn't mean that the document is completely free of errors and be polished to a high standard.

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