How long can I wear my contacts?

For lifelong glasses-wearers or those new to contacts, it can be difficult to determine how long to wear contacts each day.If worn correctly, contacts are safe. If worn incorrectly, however, contact lenses can be dangerous.The amount of time you can wear contact lenses in a single use depends on the type of contacts you have (daily or extended wear) and if you have any vision health issues, such as dry eyes or sensitivity.

If you are new to contact lenses and have been wondering how long you should wear contact lenses for the first time, the same rules typically apply. Wearing contacts for the first time may initially cause some awareness, and it will take your body a couple minutes, hours, or even days to get accustomed to the sensation.

Most people can safely and comfortably wear contact lenses for 14 to 16 hours per day but on your first day of contact lens use, try to wear them for about eight hours or as much as recommended by your doctor to give your eyes a chance to adapt. Use this time to make sure that your eyes are adjusting nicely to the contact lenses, and that no discomfort or irritation has occurred. 


Some people, especially those who suffer from chronic dry eye, can only wear their contacts for a few hours a day. If your contacts start to get uncomfortable, take them out earlier in the evening.If you seek for advice regarding contact lens freely to email us at or get your lens now at

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