Contact Lenses in Elderly People

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Many elderly people find it difficult to wear contact lenses. Some people have poor movement in their fingers, making it difficult to put contact lens in. Elderly people are also more prone to conditions like dry eye syndrome. These health concerns are a major reason why they do not wear contact lenses. Another reason is the efficacy and ease of access to alternatives such as progressive glasses.
The majority of older people who require vision correction wear glasses. They believe that contacts lenses are only for the young people. They were indeed, however, surprised to know that you can still wear lenses even if you have common age-related eye problems.
Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common problems that elderly people face, particularly women. When the eyelid muscles begin to sag, they no longer close as tightly as they once did. This enables more air to reach the surface of your eye. It won't retain moisture as well, and dust particles will irritate your eyes more easily.
Other common age-related vision problems include reduced eyesight and contrast sensitivity. To see reading materials clearly at first, older people usually need to hold them farther away. Alternatively, they may need to take their glasses off to see better up close. In addition, elderly people' eyes may be more sensitive to glare and bright lights.
Many senior citizens suffer from Presbyopia, which is the lack of ability to see clearly at short distances, such as when reading. You're likely familiar with bifocals or readers for vision correction. However, you may be unaware that multifocal contact lenses are available.
Though you might most likely develop eye problems as you age, this does not mean you are without options for vision correction. You can still find the ideal lenses to meet your requirements and improve your vision. If you don't want to wear glasses, you can opt for contacts instead.
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