Do eye drops necessary?

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Eye drops are effective for a wide range of eye illnesses, but do you really need them?

Is it necessary for me to use eye drops?

Eyes that are dry or inflamed can be a bother. Eye drops, often known as artificial tears, can provide immediate relief for dry and tired eyes. They can be used repeatedly throughout the day to maintain the eyes moisturized and comfortable. If you have an allergic reaction or an infection in your eyes, you may be recommend to use eye drops. Drops can also be used to prevent infection or numb the surface around your eyes before and after surgery.

Is it safe to use eye drops on a daily basis?

Eye drops aren't meant to be used every day, and taking them too frequently could mask a more serious disease like conjunctivitis, eye allergies or even a foreign particle in the eyes. If you use drops too often, they will wash out your natural tears, and your eyes will become dry. If you find yourself reaching for the drops too frequently, consult a doctor to ensure everything is in order.

Is it true that drinking water can help with dry eyes?

Irritation can be relieved using eye drops for dry eyes. If dehydration is the source of your dry eye, the easiest way to treat it is to drink water and stay hydrated. There are many solutions that is available in compact and travel-friendly vials to help you relieve your eyes on the go.

If you have red eyes or your eyes are constantly dry, investing in the correct drops formulation could alleviate your symptoms. If you find that eye drops aren't working for you or that you're relying on them too much, you should schedule an eye exam. Drops can also produce side effects such increased sensitivity to light, redness and watery eyes.

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