Your Eye shape and contact lens that suits

Knowing your eye shape can help bring out certain key features, resulting in a more seamless and appealing overall appearance. These are the most common eye shapes in the world, as well as the types of contact lenses that suit them.


Hooded Eyes

When the eyes are open, the hooded eyes are folded and hidden by the eyelid. The term "hooded" refers to the extra layer of skin that forms a hood-like cover over the crease. Natural-colored contact lenses, such as grey or brown, are appropriate for this type of eye.


Droopy Eyes

also referred to as Puppy Eyes or Downturned Eyes. On the outer corners of each eye, there is a slight drop. Contact lens that suitable for this eyes is light colored one such as baby aqua or light gray. It will pop the eyes up.


Deep Set Eyes

This type of eyes are set further back in the skull, giving the appearance of a more prominent brow bone. As a result, the eyelids are implanted deeper into the head than other eye shapes. This type of eyes can suit with hazel color contact or yellow. It can make the eye look more alluring.


Monolid/Asian Eyes

Also known as "Flat Eyes" because the eye area appears completely flat with little to no crease. You can wear a dark and a little bigger size of contact to make your eyes appear bigger.


Round eyes

round eyes appear to be the largest, this is not always the case. You can usually tell if you have this eye shape if you can see white around your iris. The width and height of the area around both eyes are nearly identical. All type of contact suitable for this type of eyes.


Almond Eyes

If your iris disappears under your lid, you have almond-shaped eyes, as opposed to round eyes. There will be no discernible difference in the amount of white above and/or below your iris. You can wear a dark contact such as black and dark brown to make the eyes appear sexier.

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