Which is better for your eyes: e-book or print?

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Nothing will compares to sitting up with a good book. It's a fun and peaceful way to have fun with a hot beverage and a blanket, but is all that reading will affect your eye health? Reading texts on electronic devices versus reading text on a paper, on the other hand, provides various problems for your eyes.

Our eyes have to work a little harder to focus on pixels than they would if we were reading a traditional book. Reading on a screen, on the other side will become less taxing as screen resolution improves with advancements in technology.

Is it true that reading print books is more healthy for your eyes health?

If you want to avoid computer vision syndrome, traditional paper books are definitely the best alternative for your eyes. Print books shouldn't make your eyes tires as long as you've reading in good light.

Reading in low light will not harm your eyes, but it will make reading more difficult, causing pain and eye strain. It's not because you sat too close to the TV or read in the dark that your vision will degrade over time. To get the best reading experience, make sure the room you're reading in is well lit. 

Giving your eyes time to rest when reading is always a good idea, no matter what format you use. Use the 20-20-20 rule as a guideline. It means look 20 feet into the distance for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes. This steps will refresh your eyes and aid to prevent as well as cure the symptoms of eye strain. Making a conscious effort to blink more will also contribute to the restoration of moisture in your eyes.

If you're the one who have increased your screen time over the past year, be sure to take care of your eyes. Check it out and book your appointment with our Malaya Optical Optometrist regarding your eyes health. 

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