What You Should Know About Purchasing Contact Lenses Online

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We completely understand!

It's your eyes and you deserve the best contact lenses at the greatest pricing and with the best service. 

Buying contact lenses used to entail seeing an eyecare specialist, waiting in the waiting room, receiving a prescription and then proceeding to fill the prescription right then and then, unquestionably accepting all fees associated with it.

But you're a better person than that. You're well aware that this is no longer the only option. While we still need to see an eye doctor to check our eyes and acquire our first prescriptions, living in the digital age means there are more affordable options for getting contact lenses and even renewing your contact lenses prescription.

You've come to the right place if you've ever questioned whether buying contact lenses online is safe or how to go about it. You've also come to the right place if you've ever been afraid of your eyecare provider "denying" you contact lenses because you dared to mention the term "online".

So, before you go online and buy contact lenses from just anyone, it's crucial to know a few things, such as:

1) Why should you purchase them online?

2) Why are they less expensive?

3) When it comes to your prescription, you have legal rights. (They're, after all, a medical device)

Let's get started!

What are the advantages of purchasing contact lenses online?

Isn't it true that if you require contact lenses, you should always go to an eye doctor? Certainly not!

While there are many reasons to visit an eye doctor on a frequent basis (such as having your eyes tested and having lenses fitted), you don't have to do so just to receive a new supply of contact lenses.

Here are a few important factors to buy them online instead:

  • Convenience. Simply told, it is more easy to purchase contact lenses by online. Not only will you be able to do it from the comfort of your own home, but you will also avoid all of the difficulties of doing things the traditional manner.
  • Buying contact lenses online saves you a lot of time once you figure out how to do it. It's impossible to top having contact lenses at your prescription in only a few clicks. Even better, depending on whether the shop is reliable and has your prescribed lenses in stock, shipping might be take for 3-4 days.
  • Because there is less time and effort involved in receiving your contact lenses, the savings will be passed on to you. You can also use coupons that you might find online to save even more money.

When you add all of these advantages up, you have a strong case for purchasing contacts online. But that's not what is has to know about the procedure.

I'm sure you're still puzzled as to why they're cheaper online and if buying them from someone other that your eye doctor is safe.

Why are contact lenses less expensive on the Internet?

It all boils down to marketing simplicity and a lower overhead. Because the process is considerably simpler and there are fewer commercial expenditures, contact lenses purchased online will be less expensive. There is no real estate, no employees to assist you, and no way to compensate a medical practitioner for a significant portion of their time.

When compared to the level of skill and regulation required by your doctor's office, online contact lenses retailers have the advantages of only doing one thing (selling contact lenses), hence the simplicity is passed on to you at a lower price.

What is the fairness to contact lens consumers act, and why should it means?

There's more to the situation that just affordable. It's crucial that you understand not just that purchasing contact lenses online has a number of advantages, but that you also have certain rights as a contact lens consumer.

This law, which was passed more than a decade ago, aims to provide you additional rights and options when it comes to choosing contact lenses. It protects you from unethical corporate activities like monopolizing your private medial information and assures you have all you need to get low-cost contact lenses. What you'll need to know is this:

  • A copy of your prescription is your legal entitlement. After all, this is personal information about you. That's why, under the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Act, optometrists and licensed opticians must give you a copy of your contact lens prescription after a fitting. This assures that you have access to the information you require, allowing you to purchase contact lenses online if desired.
  • Because this Act also mandates prescribers to provide/verify your prescription information when you need it, you can use it whenever you want.
  • There are no purchasing requirements. This Act also makes it illegal for these companies to force you to buy contact lenses from them.
  • That means if someone tries to sell you contact lenses only because they prescribed them to you and implies that you have to buy from them, you're dealing with someone who is intentionally misleading you.

Anyone should be able to buy contact lenses online in order to get the greatest quality and lowest price for their medical needs. You should now have a basic idea of your rights as well as how the internet contact lens market works.

Let's grab your prescriptions at our optometrists and shop confidently at Malaya Optical as your favorites shop contact lenses. We'll be here to help you as much as we can. 



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