What Is the Speed of an Eye Blink?

The average person blinks every 4 seconds, or about 15 times per minute, or more than 20,000 times per day, depending on how long they are awake. Each blink lasts about a tenth of a second, which isn't much. However, it is sufficient to clean and lubricate the eye's surface.

Blinking shields the eyes from bright lights and irritants like propanethial S-oxide, the tear-inducing substance found in onions. Blinking, according to researchers, also provides the brain with a much-needed break.

When people blink, areas of the brain associated with wakeful rest activate, according to the researchers. It turns out that all of the fluttering is the brain's way of resting so that it can process the information around it.

Some people blink at a rate of more than 20 times per minute. Excessive blinking can be caused by a variety of factors, including problems with the eyelids, ingrown eyelashes, a scratch on the cornea, infections, insufficient tear production, or the need for glasses. An ophthalmologist will diagnose the problem and recommend a treatment plan, which may include the use of glasses, eye drops, or ointments.

Dry eye is a condition that affects the majority of people, and it is the most common reason people visit an ophthalmologist. When a person has dry eyes, they do not produce enough tears to lubricate and clean the eyeball, resulting in excessive blinking, itchiness, and redness. Although over-the-counter artificial tears can alleviate the arid sensation, dry eyes can also indicate an underlying health issue.

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