What determines your eye color?

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Have you wondered why your eyes are the color they are?

Eye color is commonly one in all the primary things that we tend to notice a few person's look. The color of your eyes is determined by the amount and quality of melanin which is present within the front layers of your iris. The iris is the colored structure within your eye that near to your pupil otherwise melanin is a pigment that is naturally produced by your body. 

Does eyes color affect your eye health?

Yes, the color of your eyes could affect your eye health. Basically, some people thoughts that someone with blue or green eyes were more exposed to cataracts. But actually, it was just the lens itself on their eyes. Darker eyes, which have higher concentration of melanin to be more exposed to developing cataracts. The reason is its because of the melanin in the iris which will absorbs more heat, and will has been associated with cataract development. Hence, everyone should protect their eyes from sun, but those with darker eyes should be especially more careful and wear sunglasses when expose to the sun.

It is not common for some of babies to be born with the blue eyes and to be more darken when they become grow a bit older. But eye color will be darken when melanin is develops. Newborn babies' eyes typically correlate to their skin tone. While children can be born with completely different eye colors from their parents, a child can possible have brown eyes if both parents have brown eyes because of this is a dominant eye color.

Eye colors generally range from a very light blue to a dark drown and usually split into three categories; brown, green/hazel, or blue. But the variations exist within each category, depends on the amount of pigmentation from melanin.

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