Types of Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are flexible, soft polymers that let oxygen pass through to the cornea. These lenses are extremely thin and malleable, and they adhere to the eye's front surface. Soft contact lenses are more pleasant and simpler to adjust to than stiff gas permeable lenses.

Gas permeable (GP) contact lenses, also known as rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, are hard contact lenses that enable oxygen to pass through the lens material to the eye. RGP lenses are oxygen-permeable, allowing air to pass through and allowing your eyes to “breathe.” Deposit buildup is less of an issue with RGP lenses because they have a smooth surface and don't absorb or retain water.

Orthokeratology is a cutting-edge technique that allows you to reshape your cornea without having to undergo any invasive procedures. A youngster who chooses Ortho-K will sleep with personalised hard contact lenses. To continue to benefit from the procedure, the child would need to wear the Ortho-K lenses every night.

Without the use of a prism ballast system, hybrid lenses can correct corneal astigmatism. In general, there are now two methods to modern hybrid supply. One is the standard RGP approach, in which a manufacturer supplies approved laboratories with buttons (in this case, hybrid material) so that they can make their own designs. The alternative is SynergEyes' strategy, which is more in line with the major soft lens firms' approach of creating, producing, and manufacturing its own unique lenses.

Multifocal contact lenses combine different prescriptions into a single lens. Typically, there is a prescription for extremely close items, one for normal objects viewed at a distance, and then prescriptions for intermediate distances. People with presbyopia benefit from an all-in-one lens since it helps to correct age-related vision impairments, such as when their eyes can no longer focus on items up close.

Color contacts with opaque tints are available in many different colours. Colored contact lenses can be used to help correct vision or to change the colour of one's eyes for cosmetic reasons. Colored contacts can be purchased from reliable internet eyeglasses providers once a prescription has been received.

Special contact lenses that cover the cornea if it has become foggy or opaque are known as prosthetic contact lenses. Special prosthetic lenses can be constructed to filter extra light from reaching the back of the eye to reduce glare and boost comfort if specific structures of the wounded or disfigured eye also fail to function normally.

It all depends on your references and condition. If you have trouble choosing, you may consult your doctors. To purchase contact lenses, you can order online through shop.malayaoptical.com or if you just nearby Petaling Jaya area you can drop by to our shop at Malaya Optical Optometrist.

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