The Importance of Breathable Contact Lens

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It is important for us to know that our contact lenses is breathable or less because we always have to keep our eyes moist and comfortable. The importance of breathable contact lens is allow more oxygen to be permeable while wearing the lenses. The breathable lenses is needed to stay healthy and properly function to prevent the others damage. You may try using at least three or four brands of contact lenses, so that you know which one is suitable for your eye.

The Importance to wear breathable contact lens

Other than that, the contact lenses that you choose should have high water content to avoid dry eyes and it is vital to retain the moisture your eyes. The contact lenses breathing also can make a large impact on your overall eyes health which could make a significant difference of everyday wear. For your knowledge to keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp, you need to be inform on the importance of breathable contact lens.

breathable contact lens

The lack of oxygen can cause the cornea to become stress and produce some chemical called lactic acid. This acid will create dangerous swelling called edema. Besides, many manufacturer of contact lenses are strive to make a breathable lens technology. Different types of brand contact lenses will supply oxygen differently to our eyes. Instead, these oxygen will reach over the cornea by diffusing with the water present in the lens.

Hence, the silicone hydrogel refers to the material, not the type of contact lenses. It comes in spherical, toric lens and multifocal varieties. Breathability is the huge benefit of wearing silicone hydrogel which usually up to five times more oxygen to pass through the cornea. Silicone hydrogel also helps to minimize the common contact lens problem such as dry eye, other infections and corneal swelling. Hence, it is important to wear a breathable contact lens for our eyes healthy. But, people still respond to silicone hydrogel lenses in many different ways. You should always check your eyes on a regular basis to know the up-to-date prescription.

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