Symptoms Cataract

This is one of the interesting topics to share with all of you. Some might not know what cataracts are. Eye cataracts are a clouding of the normally clear lens of our eyes. To simplify, it means your vision is blurry. It is very dangerous as you will not be able to see clearly, especially at night and reading books. It is advisable for these people to not drive late at night.

We shall learn about the symptoms of cataracts more ;

  • Clouded and dim as well as blurred vision; like wearing foggy glasses.
  • Double vision for a single eye.
  • Difficulty to see at night ; especially while driving.
  • See colours are fading or yellowing.
  • More sensitive towards light.
  • Need more sources of light, or high intensity when reading.
  • See halos everywhere.

These are some of the signs that might occur to us if we are facing this problem. There are more than these. Better take note if you face one of the symptoms or changes in your eye vision It may not be eye cataracts, but there must be a cause why it is happening. Trust me you will get the benefits if you start to learn and care about your body health.

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