Safe To Wear Contact Lenses On Long Haul Flights?

Have you ever been on a plane on your way to a holiday location or to a conference on the other side of the country and noticed that your contacts were getting dry and irritated your eyes? This isn't a coincidence. Due to the extreme pressure difference within the aeroplane cabin, many contact users may have this issue. When you're flying at 30,000 feet in the air, the atmospheric pressure, oxygen, and humidity all decrease, making the air drier than usual.

Is it Possible to Take Contact Solution on a Plane? You can, in a nutshell, say yes. You should also consider extra glasses, a case, and rewetting eye drops. Bringing a bottle of cleaning solution on a trip with contacts isn't enough. Purchase a small bottle of the solution. Make no attempt to transfer solution from a large container to a smaller bottle. Because your contact solution is sterile, transferring it yourself introduces pathogens. Your eyes will become infected as a consequence of this.

If you're flying for more than three or four hours, you might want to wait until you get at your destination to insert your contacts. The bother may be stressful, especially if you're travelling internationally or from coast to coast, and wearing a pair of prescription glasses instead of your contact lens can save you time and discomfort.

You should take steps to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation in the same way that you would apply sunscreen to your skin. Consider obtaining UV-protected contact lenses as a method to protect yourself. According to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, other measures include wearing polarised sunglasses, a large-brimmed hat, and UV-blocking contacts.

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