Makeup Tips for People Who Wear Contact Lenses

contact lens

Wearing contact lenses may keep you from wearing a pair of glasses that may be uncomfortable at times, but it is not without its cons, particularly for those of you who wish to apply eye makeup while wearing contacts.

Infections and eye discomfort are two typical issues that you may be concerned about. Wearing contact lenses, however, should not prevent you from applying makeup and feeling confident with a gorgeous eye appearance.

For those of you who wish to apply makeup while wearing contact lenses, here are some precautions to prevent infection and discomfort.

The simplest and most apparent recommendation is to properly wash your hands before putting your contact lens in. Before putting in your lenses, avoid using items that are greasy, include scent, colors, hand lotions, or anything else that will stick to them.

Some people recommend putting contact lenses in after applying makeup to avoid scratching or damaging the contact lenses, however this increases the risk of getting makeup on your fingers and on the contact lens, which can cause discomfort and infection.

You should use oil-free cosmetics for your eye makeup. The absence of oil decreases the likelihood of the product coming into contact with your eyes. Make sure your eye makeup is waterproof, especially your mascara and eyeliner. Water-resistant products are less prone to smear on the eyes, thus protecting your eyes from discomfort from your contact lenses. Applying cosmetics like eyeliner to the margins or inner surface of the eyelids is not a good idea.

You should also be cautious while removing your makeup at the end of the day. It is critical to remove your makeup before going to bed because it makes your skin clear and avoids makeup from getting into your eyes and causing infections. Remember to take off your contact lens before you take off your makeup. Wiping your face with makeup before removing your contacts may easily get makeup in your eyes and damage your contact lens.

It's a good idea to use a wipe made particularly for removing eye makeup because eye makeup is notoriously tough to remove. Instead of scrubbing your face and hurting your eyes, use a wipe to softly but efficiently remove makeup.

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