How to Take Care of Your Contact Lens Cases

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Storing your contact lenses in a filthy container is disgusting. It's similar to not washing your toothbrush holder frequently enough and discovering icky green sludge at the bottom. Both receptacles, like petri dishes, may hold millions of bacteria and microorganisms that can make you ill. 

We recommend using an efficient lens solution to disinfect a contact lens case. This article will teach you all that you need to know about caring for your contact lens case, as well as how often you should change your contact lens case.


If you wear monthly or biweekly contact lenses, storing your lenses in a contact lens container should be part of the routine to you by now. After removing your contact lenses at the end of the day, you can always rest assured that they are secure in your contact lens case.

To prevent harmful germs and fungus from spreading, rinse your contact lens case with fresh solution after each usage. Fortunately, most multi-purpose contact lens solution supplies include contact lens cases, allowing you to change every three months at no additional expense.

Here are 7 things to remember while cleaning your contact lens case:

  1. Before touching your case, wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Immediately after removing your lenses, empty all of the old solution from the case's wells.
  3. Clean contact lens disinfection solution should be used to rinse the case.
  4. For at least five seconds, rub the casing with clean fingertips.
  5. Using a clean cloth, wipe the case dry.
  6. Allow to dry naturally. In a clean, dry spot (never the bathroom), place the case face down on a tissue with the caps removed. 
  7. Leave the caps on if your case contains silver nitrate lining.

Never use tap water to clean your case. This raises the possibility of keratitis, an uncommon but serious corneal infection that can result in irreversible vision loss. Eye discomfort, redness, fuzzy vision, the sense that something is in your eye, sensitivity to light, and excessive tears are all symptoms.

Several publications on the internet claim that it is safe to boil your contact lens case in a bowl of water. This is not the case, and we highly discourage you from doing so. According to some sources, you may disinfect a contact lens case by running it in the dishwasher. Because this process also involves the use of water, it is not recommended due to the potential of germs that can cause eye diseases.

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