Eye drop can damage eyes?

Is it really true that eye drop can damage your eye? As far as we know, eye drop can relieves your eyes if its to dry or sore. It can make your vision clearer.

Eye drops are traditionally recommended in order to achieve relief from dry, itchy or irritated eyes. But like any medicine, there are limits on the duration of its effectiveness as well as how much eye drops should be used.

Eye drop is one of the solution to ease your eye but don't overuse it. What happen if you overuse it?

They can cause rebounding. That clamping down on blood vessels that eye drops do to stop itchiness means your sclera isn’t getting the oxygen and nutrients needed.

They can wash away your natural tears. Artificial tears feel great as they lubricate your eyes and help those with insufficient tear production.

They can mask more serious problems. Just like a skin rash could just be an allergy to grass, it could also be flesh-eating bacteria. Addressing the symptom of itchy, red eyes, rather than the cause, which could be more serious, is risky.

While you might be tempted to just keep using eye drops the way you have been, an eye exam could reveal deeper-seated issues and catch vision problems before they get too far to correct. If you are interested in contact lens that suit with dry eyes do visit our website at shop.malayaoptical.com

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