Does dark chocolate improve your eyesight?

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Dark chocolate contains antioxidants which will cut back the chance of inflammation and improve our heart health. Based on scientists experiments, indulging in this delicious treat can also improve your vision. However, it seems a lot of debate around this topic. So when some researchers announced that dark chocolate can improve eyesight, it was a big news with headlines like "A bit of dark chocolate might sweeten your vision" and "Forget carrots, eat dark chocolate instead."

But a year later, other researchers are doing double take about this news. They found that eating dark chocolate might boost visual acuity and contrast sensitivity which is the ability to differentiate an object from its background than those who consumed the milk chocolate. 

Based on Jeff C. Rabin and his team, they conclude that better visual acuity will experienced by these adults might be linked to increased blood flow caused by dark chocolate. The flavonal compounds in chocolate have a range of benefits, including improving blood flow through the heart and the brain, decreasing blood pressure, preventing blood clots and combating cell damage. 

Dark chocolate may not boost vision

Nevertheless, some similar study published on 2019 found that no link between dark chocolate and vision. They conclude that no improvement in visual acuity, contrast sensitivity or retinal perfusion (an indicator of blood flow to the eyes), but if there's any vision benefit from eating dark chocolate, it's very small. 

"It is better to just enjoy the chocolate for its fine taste rather than for visual improvement."

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