Contact Lenses and Coronavirus

contact lens coronavirus


The coronavirus can enter your body via your eyes, nose, or mouth. You can also get the virus by touching your nose, mouth, or eyes after the infection has landed on your hand or fingers. 

Considering people who wear contact lenses seem to be more likely to touch their eyes, this is indeed a cause for concern. So, during this pandemic, is it safe to wear contact lenses? Is there a chance that the coronavirus will infect your eyes?


As of now, there is no evidence to show that wearing contact lenses increases the chance of infection or contracting coronavirus. 

When you wear contact lenses, you touch your eyes more often than people who don't. It might increase your risk to get infection. However, contaminated surfaces are not the main form by which coronavirus spreads.


The least that you can do to keep you safe from getting infected is thoroughly washing your hands, especially after touching surfaces. So that you can wear your contact lenses during this pandemic without worries. 

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