Contact Lens Discomfort: What You Can Do

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Wearing contact lenses should never be bothersome, and a good pair should result in wearers not feel anything in their eyes at all. There are various reasons why contact lens wearers are uncomfortable, and there are also things they can do or actions they can take to make contact lenses more comfortable.

These suggestions will help you in keeping your eyes healthy and comfy when wearing contact lenses. If they are not followed, eyesight, comfort, and other dangerous conditions may arise. Here are the tips: 

1. Get rid of dryness. 

Millions of individuals suffer with dry eyes, and the symptoms can be a major barrier to using contact lenses comfortably. Make an appointment with your eye doctor, discuss your symptoms, and ask to be checked whether your eyes are dry. Do not attempt to self-medicate. Your doctor can advise you on whether artificial tears or rewetting drops are ideal for you to use while wearing contact lenses.

2. Take Care of Allergies

This is a common source of discomfort for those who use contacts. Many people adjust their habits of wearing contact lens or stop wearing them altogether until allergy season is over.

The major allergy of over two million allergy patients is “eye allergies.” Daily disposals are recommended by experts as the greatest option for patients throughout this time period.

3. Keep the Contact Lens Clean

Cleaning and disinfection should be done on a regular basis. Rub your lenses with clean fingertips to remove dirt, debris, and build-up from your solutions. Allow your contact lenses to soak in the solution for the period specified by the solution before inserting them back into your eyes.

4. Do not try to extend the life of your lenses.

Some contact lens wearers are tempted to save money by extending the life of their lenses. It is important to discard your contact lenses according to the replacement schedule suggested by your eye care provider.

5. Get an Eye Exam.

If you've done everything suggested above but still haven't had any luck, you might consider scheduling an appointment with your eye care specialist for a full eye exam. You may require a new prescription, fitting, or lens brand, or you may have a medical condition that prevents you from feeling any comfort at all.

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