Common contact lens problem and their solution

Contact lens are popular nowadays. Young and old people tends to use contact lens to correct their vision with such lesser cost than doing the surgery. It tends to create problem if the users don't know how to take care of their contact lens hygiene. This are the most common problem contact lens users facing and the solution.


Problem : Contact lenses can easily trap irritants like smoke, pollen, dust, smog, and makeup. Their buildup can cause red, itchy, or burning eyes, and it could even lead to conjunctivitis. Redness is mostly a sign of irritation!

Solution : If it’s just redness, first make sure your cleaning habits and techniques are thorough and sensible. Ensure you clean them with the solution your optometrist approves, and follow cleaning instructions to the letter! This advice can help with almost every contact lens problem you might have.

Eye Discharge

Problem : Pink eye technically includes bacterial, viral, and allergic conjunctivitis. Still, it might be better to think of allergic conjunctivitis as separate from the bacterial and viral types. The critical difference lies in the discharge coming from your eyes.

Solution : Your optometrist will probably need to prescribe you antibiotic eye drops to treat the infection. But as far as contact lens wear goes, it comes back down to cleaning habits. Thoroughly cleaning your contacts kills viruses and bacteria before they can take root in your eye.

Dry Eyes

Problem : When contact lenses interfere with the natural hydration and cleaning of your eyes, the effects can compound over years. Dry eye can sometimes develop as your eyes struggle to keep dirt out and oxygen in.

Solution : Scleral lenses are special contact lenses that fit over much of the eye. For some patients, they can effectively manage dry eye and corneal damage from dry eye while correcting their vision. If conventional contact lenses aren’t helping, the buffer zone formed by a scleral lens’ reservoir design might help.


These are the most common contact lens problem that will occur. Seek help from doctor if the problem is not solve and become worse.

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