Can contact lenses cause headaches? Why?

Contact lenses are a popular alternative to glasses for correcting vision, but they can cause headaches if they do not adequately compensate for visual impairments or do not fit the eyes properly.

Contact lenses that are clean and correctly fitted should be quite comfy and should not cause headaches. If you are fitted with contact lenses and begin experiencing headaches soon after, consult your eye doctor right away to see if your discomfort is due to your eyes.

You may get headaches after having your contact lenses placed for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect Prescription

The incorrect prescription is a major issue. Have you ever tried on someone else's glasses with a drastically different prescription than yours? It's not a nice experience. You can certainly image how awful it must be to go through the entire day without realizing it because you're wearing the wrong prescription lenses.

The incorrect prescription might cause eye strain, which will ultimately result in headaches. Contact lenses are not available for purchase unless you have a prescription. The only way you might obtain the incorrect prescription is if your eye doctor made a mistake.

  • Dry eyes

When you have dry eyes, you may have ocular pain and maybe headaches. Dry eyes might make you more sensitive to light, leading you to squint, and squinting on a regular basis can create a muscle tension headache. Headaches caused by dry eyes and squinting generally develop later in the day.

Office employees who use computers for extended amounts of time each day are more likely to develop chronic dry eyes. Dry contact lenses may raise your chance of acquiring digital eye strain, which has been a major issue in recent years. Computer Vision Syndrome, often known as digital eye strain, causes headaches and eye strain.

  • Lenses that do not fit well

It's conceivable that your contact lenses will begin to dry out after a few hours of usage. This might cause them to tense up, resulting in eye irritation and potentially headaches.

One simple method to avoid these problems is to avoid wearing your contacts for longer than necessary. This means you shouldn't wear them overnight if they aren't designed for it, and you shouldn't overwork them throughout the day. Consult your eye doctor about the beginning of your headaches. Is the discomfort worst in the morning or after you've been using your contact lenses for a few hours?

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