Are daily contact lens waste of money?

Is it true that daily lens is waste of money? Well it depends on each of everyone perspective. Some will said it is wasteful but some might said it is a good investment. Lets list out the pros and cons of wearing daily contact lens and you decide yourself if it wasteful or not.

Before you consider the pros and cons, please keep this in mind that don't confuse daily wear and daily disposable. Daily wear means need to remove the lens before sleeping because it is not suitable for overnight wear. Daily disposable is the specific term for lenses that are removed and discarded daily.



Dailies may seem more flimsy, but they come with their own set of benefits. Because they are a lot thinner, daily disposables provide a higher level of comfort for the wearer. 

No Hassle

Most people choose daily disposable contacts because they are hassle-free. You open a new pack in the morning, pop them in and off you go. They are sterile and low maintenance.



Depending on how often you use them, daily disposables can be more expensive than extended wear lenses.

Temptation of reuse

After a comfortable day's wear, you might feel tempted to try and squeeze another day in. Research shows that it's not worth the risk. A study about contact lens habits found that contamination could occur this way.

Not many of choices as Monthly lenses

Monthly contacts work well for all sorts of eye conditions. Contact lens users with non-standard prescriptions might find it difficult to get matching dailies. In this case, keeping your monthly contacts until the right daily wear contacts are developed is the best option.

So have you decide if its okay with you or you would go to Monthly lens instead? If you are still confuse , you can come visit our website at and see lots of variety daily and monthly lens that could catch your eyes.

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