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Clariti 1 Day Multifocal 30 Lenses

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Right Eye

Left Eye

Offer Contains : 30 lenses/box
Replacement    : Daily Disposable

The product might be delayed within 3 to 4 weeks if no stock at supplier warehouse

Water Content : 56%
Material            : 
Filcon II3

The convenience of a new fresh sterile lens every day. Specifically designed for presbyopic contact lens wearers – where the small print is getting harder to read.

Healthy and comfortable contact lens wear, providing clear vision from near to far and everywhere in between. Made from the healthiest material (silicone hydrogel), allowing oxygen to pass through to your eyes helping them stay clear, white and healthy.

The healthy characteristics of the silicone hydrogel material allows lenses to be worn from morning until night which better suits the demands of the modern lifestyle. UVA & UVB inhibitor protects your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Advanced Edge Technology provides a lens edge that is incredibly thin reducing lens awareness and improving comfort.


Product Registration Number : GB99714639618

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