Blincon B Color Toric 1 Lens/Box Large
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Blincon B Color Toric 1 Lens/Box

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Offer Contains : 1 Lens/box
Replacement    : 3 Monthly Disposable

Supplier promise this as Ready Stock (1 week) unless it's been recently Off Taked (6 months)

Material content : Polyhema
Water Content    : 40%
Diameter             : 14.0mm
Base Curve          : 8.60mm
(MUST ORDER 2 Lenses)

Blincon B Colour Toric is a 3 months disposable lens and it comes with their Sandwich manufacturing method with UV special surface coating. In order to ensure comfort for long hour wear, B Colour Toric have lathe cutting technology and water content of 42%


Product Registration Number: GC49716216917

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