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Air Optix Hydraglyde Toric Monthly 3 Lenses (PLUS POWER)

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Right Eye

Left Eye

Processing time for PLUS POWER (custom lens) will be 4 TO 6 WEEKS. It might be MORE THAN 6 WEEKS for any unforseen circumstances. CUSTOM LENS CANNOT BE REFUNDED


Offer Contains  : 3 Lenses/Box
Replacement    : Monthly Disposable

Water Content     : 33%H2O
Material Content : 
Lotrafilcon B
Base Curve           : 8.7mm
Diameter              : 14.5mm

AirOptixis made with a revolutionary silicone hydrogel technology which allows 5 times more oxygen to reach the eye than ordinary monthly lenses,thus alleviating end-of-day discomfort, irritation, dry and red eyes - furthermore helping to keep eyes whiter, brighter and healthy looking.


Product Registration Number: GB24966249817

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