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New Arrival

Ray-Ban Aviator

Enhance your eyes with the new 1-Day Acuvue Define Vivid with Lacreon contact lenses of Johnson & Johnson. This beautiful dark brown ring with soft brown spokes defines the natural pattern of the iris making your eyes appear bigger and more vibrant.

The new 1-Day Acuvue Define lenses with Lacreon are daily disposable contact lenses to enhance your beauty in a natural, subtle way. They make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more beautiful, in a natural way that nobody will know your secret.

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Ray-Ban Wayfarrer

FreshKon Colors Fusion Moondust is inspired by the starry night sky and the vivid colors of our dreams, the Moondust edition is a manifestation of our aspiring dreams and desires.

Be transported into the magical world of the city’s dazzling moonlit sky with the dreamy eye-conic Moondust collection.

Monthly lenses may be used for up to one month. They must be removed and cleaned each evening and put back in the next morning. Always follow your opticians recommendations for use and handling.

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