Jonathan Paul Fitovers are designed to seamlessly fit over prescription eyewear, with the utmost quality and style. Ranging from
extra small to extra large, Jonathan Paul Fitovers offers more than a 100 color combinations of polarized fitover sunglasses.

Jonathan Paul Fitovers are known for their optical versatility on-the-go, lifestyle performance. But what are fitover sunglasses? Fitovers are specially designed sunglasses made to “fit over” your prescription eyewear and is a style of sunglasses that originated with Jonathan Paul in Australia.

With the ongoing issue of the intense Australian sun, Fitovers have been designed as a solution against it as fitovers are comfortable, effective, and affordable which offer both the functional and fashionable properties of sunglasses yet maintaining the presence of your existing prescription frames.

Jonathan Paul continually designs the finest sunglasses that still sustains the original emphasis on quality, comfort, and visual performance, yet utilize state-of-the-art lens and frame technologies to provide modern prescription frame wearers with a fit over sunglass meets both criteria of frame styles and their lifestyles.

Jonathan Paul Fitovers has the most colors and styles, the highest quality materials and the best reputation over any competitor. In some regions, this brand is known as Johnathan Paul Fitovers, Johnathan Paul or John Nathan Paul Fitovers. Anyways its simply the best fitover sunglasses that you would ever need! So get a pair at Malaya Optical or Asia Contacts!

AA001 Aria Midnight Oil Black (Polarvue™ Grey)
AA001BM Aria Midnight Oil (Blue Mirror)
AA001GM Aria Midnight Oil (Green mirror)
AA001YM Aria Midnight Oil (Gold mirror)
AA002A Aria Tortoiseshell (Polarvue™ Amber)
AA003 Aria Neptune (Polarvue™ Grey)
AA004S Aria Claret Stripe Grey w/crysta  -Disc
AA004SPM Aria Claret Stripe Grey w/crystal (Purple Mirror)
AA004SYM Aria Claret Stripe Grey w/crystal (Gold Mirror)
AA006S Aria Purple Heart (Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
AA006SPM Aria Purple Heart ST(Purple Mirror)
AR001 Aurora Midnight Oil (Polarvue™ Grey)
AR001GM Aurora Midnite Oil  (Green Mirror)
AR001PM Aurora Midnight Oil (Purple Mirror)
AR001YM Aurora Midnite Oil (Gold mirror)
AR003S Aurora Claret (Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
AR003SPM Aurora Claret ST ( Purple Mirror)
AR004S Aurora Sapphire (Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
AR007S Aurora Purple Haze – (Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
AR007SPM Aurora Purple Haze – (Purple Mirror)
AR008A Aurora Brown Marble Gold (Polarvue™ Amber)
AR008YM Aurora Brown Marble(Gold mirror)
AR018 Blue Haze ((Polarvue™ Grey)
AR019 Aurora Charcoal Rose (Grey)
AU001 Allure Satin Black GRAY
AU002A Allure Tortoise Amber
AU003 Allure Turquoise Demi Grey
AU004 Allure Grape Demi Grey
AU005 Allure Blue Demi Grey
AV001 Aviator Matte Black (Polarvue™ Grey)
AV001BM Aviator Matte Black (Polarvue™ Blue)
AV001GM Aviator Matt Black(Green Mirror)
AV001Y Aviator Matte Black(Polarvue™ Yellow)
AV001YM Aviator Matt Black (Gold Mirror)
AV002 Aviator Tortoiseshell (Polarvue™ Grey)
AV002A Aviator Tortoiseshell (Polarvue™ Amber)
AV002YM Aviator Tortoiseshell(Gold Mirror)
BN001 Binya Blue Cloud Grey
BN001BM Binya Blue Cloud Grey(Blue Mirror)
BN002 Binya Purple Zebra Grey
BN002PM Binya Purple Zebra (Purple Mirror)
BN003 Binya Brown Feather Grey
BN003A Binya Brown Feather Amber
BN003YM Binya Brown Feather (Gold Mirror)
BN004S Binya Blue Demi Grey with crystal
BN005S Binya Purple Strupe Grey with crystal
CH001 Choopa Blue Blast  Polarvue™ Grey)
CH002 Choopa Red Licorice (Polarvue™ Grey)
CH003 Choopa Olive Charcoal  Polarvue™ Grey)
CH003A Choopa Olive Charcoal  Polarvue™ Amber)
CL001 Coolaroo Blue Blast  Polarvue™ Grey)
CL001 (W Nose/Pad) Coolaroo Blue Blast  Polarvue™ Grey) with nose pad
CL002 Coolaroo Red Licorice (Polarvue™ Grey)
CL003 Coolaroo Olive Charcoal  Polarvue™ Grey)
CL003A Coolaroo Olive Charcoal  Polarvue™ Amber)
CL004 Coolaroo Blue Stripe
CL005 Coolaroo Purple Stripe
CL006 Coolaroo Black Stripe
DC001S Diamond Cut Tortoise
DC003S Diamond Cut purple
DC004S Diamond Cut Sapphire
DC005S Diamond Cut Jade
DC006S Diamoond Cut Black
DD001S Diamond Dust Onyx (Grey)
DD002S Diamond Dust Sapphire (Grey)
DD003S Diamond Dust Ruby (Grey)
DD004S Diamond Dust Amethyst (Grey)
DL001 Dahlia Black Cheetah (Polarvue™ Grey)
DL001 (W Nose/Pad) Dahlia Black Cheetah (Polarvue™ Grey) with nose pad
DL002 Dahlia Mother Pearl (Polarvue™ Grey)
DL003 Dahlia  Tiger Eye (Polarvue™ Grey)
DL003A Dahlia  Tiger Eye (Polarvue™ Amber)
DL004 Dahlia Claret (Grey) = EM004
DL005 Dahlia  (Grey HD)
EM001 Element Shiny black (Polarvue™ Grey)
EM001BM Element Shiny black (Polarvue™ Blue)
EM001GM Element Shiny Black (Green Mirror)
EM001PM Element Shiny Black (Purple Mirror)
EM001YM Element Shiny Black (Gold Mirror)
EM004 Element Claret (Polarvue™ Grey)
EM004PM Element Claret (Purple lens)
EM004S Element Claret (HD Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
EM004SPM Element Claret w/crystal ( Purple Mirror)
EM005 Element Sapphire (Polarvue™ Grey)
EM005S Element Sapphire(Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
EM006 Element Purple Haze (Polarvue™ Grey)
EM006PM Element Purple Haze (Purple Mirror)
EM006S Element Purple Haze (Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
EM006SPM Element Purple Haze w/crystal (Purple Mirror)
EM007A Element Tort (Polarvue™ Amber)
EM007Y Element Tort (Polarvue™ Yellow)
EM007YM Element Tortoiseshell (Gold mirror)
EM008 Element Blue Cloud (Polarvue™ Grey) = SB001
EM008BM Element Blue Cloud (Polarvue™ Blue Mirror)
EM009 Element Mother Pearl (Polarvue™ Grey) = DL002
EM013 Element Claret Marble (Grey)
EM014 Element JADE MIST  (PolarVue™ Grey)
EM016 Blue Haze ((Polarvue™ Grey)
EM017 Element Charcoal Rose (Grey)
EU001 Euroka Blue Ebony Demi, Grey
EU001BM Euroka Midnight Oil (Blue mirror)
EU001PM Euroka Blue Ebony Demi (Purple mirror)
EU002 Euroka Gunmetal Grey
EU002BM Euroka Gunmetal (Blue mirror)
EU002GM Euroka Gunmetal (Green Mirror)
EU003 Euroka Brown Marble Grey
EU003A Euroka Brown Marble Amber
EU003PM Euroka Brown Marble (Purple Mirror)
EU003YM Euroka BrownMarble(Yellow Mirror)
EU004 Euroka Midnight Oil (Grey)
G0013 Glides Blue Paws  (2019 summer)
G0014 Glide Purple Paws  (2019 summer)
G002 Glides Midnight Oil (Polarvue™ Grey)
G002BM Glides Midnight Oil (Polarvue™ Blue
G002PM Glides Midnight Oil (Purple Mirror)
G005S Glides Purple Haze  (Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
G005SPM Glides Purple Haze  (Purple Mirror)
G006 Glides Brushed Horn (Polarvue™ Grey)
G006A Glides Brushed Horn (Polarvue™ Amber)
G009 Glides Blue Cloud (Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
G012S Glides Red Licorice (Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
G012SPM Glides Red Licorice ST ( Purple MirrorHD)
IK001 Ikara Midnite Oil  (Polarvue™ grey)
IK002 Ikara Berry Crush  (Polarvue™ grey)
IK003 Ikara Tiger Eye  (Polarvue™ grey)
IK003A Ikara Tiger Eye  (Polarvue™ Amber)
IK004 Plummed – Grey lens
IK005 Ikara Blued (Grey)
JT001 Jett Black Fade (Polarvue™ Grey)
JT001GM Jett –  Black Fade  – (Green Mirror)
JT001PM Jett Black Fade (Purple Mirror)
JT001R Jett –  Black Fade  – (Polarvue™ Roadster)
JT001YM Jett –  Black Fade  – (Gold Mirror)
JT002A Jett Brown Marble (Polarvue™ Amber)
JT002YM Jett Brown Marble  (Gold Mirror)
JT003BM Jett Gun Metal (Polarvue™ Blue Mirror)
JT003GM Jett Gun Metal (Green mirror)
JT003YM Jett Gun Metal (Gold Mirror)
JT004 Jett Purple Haze  (Polarvue™ Grey)
JT004PM Jett Purple Haze  (Purple Mirror)
JT004S Jett Purple Haze (Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
JT004SPM Jett Purple Haze ST (Purple Mirror)
JT005 Jett Olive Charcoal (Polarvue™ Grey)
JT005A Jet Olive Charcoal (Polarvue™ Amber)
JT005GM Jet Olive Charcoal (Green Mirror)
JT005Y Jett Olive Charcoal (Polarvue™ Yellow)
JT005YM Jett Olive Charcoal (Gold Mirror)_
KA001 Kiata Purple Rain, Grey
KA001PM Kiata Purple Rain, (Purple Mirror)
KA002 Kiata Teal Strip, Grey
KA002BM Kiata Teal Strip, (Blue Mirror)
KA003 Kiata Olive Charcoal Grey
KA003A Kiata Olive Charcoal, Amber
KA003YM Kiata Olive Charcoal, (Gold Mirror)
KK002 Kitti Kat Leopard Black (Grey)
KK003 Kitti Kat Blue Demi (Grey)
KK004 Kitii kat
KK005 Kitti Kat Claret Marble (Grey)
LS001 Lotus Metallic Black (Polarvue™ Grey)
LS001GM Lotus – Metallic Black – (Green Mirror)
LS001PM Lotus – Metallic Black – (Purple Mirror)
LS001YM Lotus – Metallic Black (Yellow Mirror)
LS002 Lotus Brushed Horn  (Polarvue™ Grey)
LS002A Lotus Brushed Horn (Polarvue™ Amber)
LS002YM Lotus Brushed Horn (Gold Mirror)
LS003S Lotus Smoke Marble (Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
LS003SBM Lotus Smoke Marble ST (Blue Mirror)
LS004S Lotus Claret Stripe (Polarvue™ Grey) w/crystal
LS004SPM Lotus Claret Stripe ST (Purple Mirror)
LS008 Lotus Teal Stripe (Polarvue™ Grey)
LS008GM Lotus Teal Stripe ( Green Mirror)
LS009 Lotus Purple Heart (Grey) = AA006
MY001 Mooya Mother Pearl Grey
MY001PM Mooya Mother Pearl (Rv Purple)
MY002 Mooya Black Wind Grey
MY002BM Mooya Blaack Wind (Blue Mirror)
MY002GM Mooya Black Wind Grey (Green Mirror)
MY003 Mooya Brown Marble Gold Grey
MY003A Mooya Brown Marble Gold, Amber
MY003YM Mooya Brown Marble Gold (Rv Orange)
N002 Navigator Matte Black (Polarvue™ Grey)
N004A Navigator Tortoiseshell (Polarvue™ Amber)
N004Y Navigator Tortoiseshell (Polarvue™ Yellow Glare)
N009 Navigator Olive Crystal (Polarvue™ Grey)
NR001 Neera Midnite Oil  (Polarvue™ grey)
NR001BM Neera Midnite Oil  (Blue Mirror)
NR001GM Neera Midnite Oil  (Green Mirror)
NR001PM Neera Midnite Oil  (Purple Mirror)
NR001YM Neera Midnite Oil (Gold Mirror)
NR002 Neera Blue Blast (Polarvue™ grey)
NR002BM Neera Blue Demi (Blue Mirror)
NR003 Neera  Leopard  (Polarvue™ grey)
NR003A Neera  Leopard  (Polarvue™ Amber)
NR003R Neera  Leopard  (Roadster)
NR003YM Neera  Leopard  (Gold Mirror)
NR004KR NEERA TYPHON  GREY  (2019 summer)
NR005KR NEERA NEPTUNE  GREY  (2019 summer)
NW001 Nowie Brushed Steel (Polarvue™ Grey)
NW001BM Nowie Brushed Steel (Blue Mirror)
NW002 Nowie Berry Crush (Polarvue™ Grey)
NW002PM Nowie Berry Crush (Purple Mirror)
NW003 Nowie Ivory Tusk (Polarvue™ Grey)
NW004 Nowie Shiny Black (Grey)
NW004A Nowie Shiny Black (Amber)
OE001 Oogee Black Fade (Grey)
OE002 Oogee Matte Black Polarvue Grey
OE002BM Oogee Matte Black (Blue Mirror)
OE003 Oogee Blue Ombre (Grey)
OE004 Oogee Grape (Grey)
OE005A Oogee Bark (Amber)
OE006KR OOGEE TYPHON  GREY  (2019 summer)
ON001 Orion Midnite Oil Black (Polarvue™ Grey)
ON001BM Orion Midnite Oil Black (Blue Mirror)
ON001GM Orion Midnite Oil Black (Green Mirror)
ON001PM Orion Midnite Oil Black (Purple Mirror)
ON001YM Orion Midnight Oil (Gold Mirror)
ON002 Orion Blue Demi (Polarvue™ Grey)
ON002BM Orion Blue Demi (Blue Mirror)
ON003 Orion Cheetah (Polarvue™ Grey)
ON003A Orion Cheetah (Polarvue™ Amber)
ON003BM Orion Cheetah (Blue)
ON003GM Orion Cheetah (Green Mirror)
ON003PM Orion Cheetah (Purple Mirror)
ON003YM Orion Cheetah (Gold mirror)
PD001 Pandera Matte Black with Grey lens
PD002A Pandera Shiny Tortoise Amer
PD003BM Pandera Black Marble with Blue mirror
PD004 Pandera Blue Ice Grey
PD005 Pandera Toffee Ombre Grey
QL001 Quamby Eternal Black Large (Grey)
QL001A Quamby Eternal Black Large (Amber)
QL001BM Quamby Eternal Black Large(Blue Mirror)
QL001GM Quamby Eternal Black Large(Green Mirror)
QL001PM Quamby Eternal Black Large(Purple Mirror)
QL001YM Quamby Eternal Black Large(Gold Mirror)
QL003 Quamby Cheetah Large
QL003YM Quamby Cheetah Large(Gold Mirror)
QL004 Quamby Claret Tortoise Large
QL004PM Quamby Claret Tortoise Large(Purple Mirror)
QL005 Quamby Teal Zebra Large-Disc
QL005BM Quamby Teal Zebra Large(Blue Mirror)
QL006 Quamby Ivory Tusk Large-Disc
QL007 Quamby Blue Cloud (Grey) = SB001
QS001 Queeda Eternal Black small (Grey)
QS001A Queeda Eternal Black small (Amber)
QS001BM Queeda Eternal Black (Blue Mirror)
QS001GM Queeda Eternal Black small(Green Mirror)
QS001PM Queeda Eternal Black small (Purple Mirror)
QS002BM Queeda Charcoal Sky  small(Blue Mirror)
QS003 Queeda Cheetah small
QS003YM Queeda Cheetah small(GOLD Mirror)
QS004 Queeda Claret Tortoise small
QS004PM Queeda Claret Tortoise small (Purple Mirror)
QS004YM Queeda Claret Tortoise small (Gold Mirror)
QS007 Queeda Blue Cloud (Grey) =SB001
RZ001 Razor Matte Black (Polarvue™ Grey)
RZ001GM Razor Matt Black(Green Mirror)
RZ003 Razor Olive/Charcoal  (Polarvue™ Grey)
RZ003A Razor Olive/Charcoal (Polarvue™ Amber)
RZ003GM Razor Olive/Charcoal  (Green Mirror)
RZ003YM Razor Olive/Charcoal  (Gold Mirror)
RZ005 Razor Gun Metal (Polarvue™ Grey)
RZ005BM Razor Gun Metal (Blue Mirror)
RZ005GM Razor Gun Metal (Green Mirror)
RZ005YM Razor Gun Metal (Gold Mirror)
RZ007PM Razor Claret Marble (Purple Mirror)
SB001 Sabre Blue Cloud (Polarvue™ Grey)
SB003 Sabre Cheetah (Polarvue™ Grey)
SB003A Sabre Cheetah (Polarvue™ Amber)
SB004 Sabre Mid-night Oil (Grey)
TL001BM Traveler Satin Black Blue Mirror
TL002 Traveler Sapphire Ombre Grey
TL003 Traveler Black/Grey Omber Grey
TL004A Traveler Brown/Tan Ombre Amber
TL005 Traveler Plum/Pink GREY
TL006 Traveler Emerald/Jade Ombre Grey
TR001 Torana Blue Demi Grey
TR001BM Torana Blue Demi (Blue Mirror)
TR002 Torana Dark Charcoal Grey HD
TR002BM Torana Dark Charcoal (Blue Mirror)
TR002GM Torana Dark Charcoal (Green Mirror)
TR002PM Torana Dark Charcoal (Purple Mirror)
TR002YM Torana Dark Charcoal (Gold Mirror)
TR003 Torana Amber Sky Grey
TR003A Torana Amber Sky Amber
TR003YM Torana Amber Sky (Gold Mirror)
YM001 Yamba Satin Black Grey HD
YM001BM Yamba Satin Black (Blue mirror)
YM001GM Yamba Satin Black (Green Mirror)
YM001PM Yamba Satin Black (Purple Mirror)
YM001YM Yamba Satin Black (Gold Mirror)
YM002 Yamba Blue Marble Grey
YM002BM Yamba Blue Marble (Blue mirror)
YM003 Yamba Dark Tortoiseshell Grey
YM003A Yamba Dark Tortoiseshell Amber
YM003GM Yamba Dark Tortoisehell (Green Mirror)
YM003YM Yamba Tortoiseshell (Gold Mirror)
YM004 Yamba Blue Demi (Grey) = ON002
YM005KR YAMBA TYPHON GREY  (2019 summer)
YM006KR YAMBA NEPTUNE GREY  (2019 summer)
AC001 Black to Grey (Polarvue™ Grey)
AC002 Black to Blue (Polarvue™ Grey)
AC003 Brown to Tan (Polarvue™ Grey)
AC004 Purple to Teal (Polarvue™ Grey)
AC005 Jade to Light (Polarvue™ Grey)
AC006 Claret to Mint (Polarvue™ Grey)
AC007 Berry to Rose (Polarvue™ Grey)
DC001S Diamond Cut Tortoise
DC003S Diamond Cut Purple
DC004S Diamond Cut Sapphire
DC005S Diamond Cut Jade
DC006S Diamond Cut Black
DD001S Diamond Dust Onyx (Grey)
DD002S Diamond Dust Shapphire (Grey)
DD003S Diamond Dust Ruby (Grey)
DD004S Diamond Dust Amethystt (Grey)
JP001 Black/Blue (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP002 Brown/Yellow (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP003 Blue/Green (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP004 Orange/Pink (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP005 Black/Olive (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP005YM Black/Olive (Polarvue™ Gold Mirror)
JP006 Brown/Blue (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP007 Red/Purple (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP014 Teal/Pink (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP015 Purple/Orchid (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP050 Black/Grey (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP050BM Black/Grey (Polarvue™ Blue Mirror)
JP051 Brown/Amber (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP051YM Brown/Amber (Polarvue™ Gold Mirror)
JP052 Blue/Teal (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP052BM Blue/Teal (Polarvue™ Blue Mirror)
JP053 Purple/Violet (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP053PM Purple/Violet (Polarvue™ Purple Mirror
JP054 Emerald/Jade (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP054GM Emerald/Jade (Polarvue™ Green Mirror
JP057 Cherry/Mint (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP057PM Cherry/Mint (Polarvue™ Purple Mirror
JP060 Sable Black (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP061 Golden Purple (Polarvue™ Grey)
JP062 Charcoal Rose (Polarvue™ Grey)
VT001 Vintage Black
VT002 Vintage Tortoise
VT003 Vintage Red
VT004 Vintage Purple
VT005 Vintage Green
VT006 Vintage Blue

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