Miacare Confidence Monthly 1 Lens
Miacare Confidence Monthly 1 Lens

Miacare Confidence Monthly 1 Lens

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Miacare Confidence Monthly with EautraSil Technology delivers the world’s first and only solvent-free formula. Providing a hydrophilic film and high oxygen transmissibility.

– Super Safety: Solvent-free formula with UV protection against the harmful rays of the sun
– High oxygen transmissibility of DK/t 187.5
– Ultra comfort: Low modulus, smaller wetting angle
– Dot-matrix colour printing technology with a sizeable unobscured area to allow for oxygen passage
– Tri-layer printing technique keeps the pigment layer in the center, isolated from the eyes to make the lens safe for daily wear.
– Smart peripheral edge design helps to improves surface wettability, reducing irritation, and providing extra comfort


Product Registration Number: GB49979456117

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