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Biomedics Toric Monthly 6 Lenses

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Right Eye

Left Eye

Offer Contains : 6 lenses/box
Replacement    : Monthly Disposable 

Water Content     :  55% H2O     
Material Content :
  45% Polymer (Ocufilcon D)
Base Curve           : 8.7mm
Diameter              : 14.5mm
Astigmatism is a common vision problem that can often be corrected with Biomedics toric contact lenses. A slightly misshapen cornea is usually the cause and the result is a distortion of vision. Astigmatism correction requires custom-made lenses with a precise fit. Biomedics toric contact lenses were specially created to maintain a precise fit despite eye movements which cause them to shift. 

To understand the reason for the design of Biomedics toric contact lenses, it helps to understand what astigmatism is. Astigmatism is distorted sight caused by a non-spherical cornea or sometimes the lens. The cornea is clear tissue that covers the front part of your eye. A normal eye is shaped like a ball and the cornea is rounded evenly in all directions. But an astigmatic cornea has an irregular or toric curvature of the cornea or lens.
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